Docs and Templates

Nothing in here constitutes legal advice. These are shortcuts to templates founder online. Please use your own judgement.

General Comments

  • While it can be hard, we recommend using standard documents without any edits. This will not only be fair to employees, investors and partners, it will save countless legal bills upfront and later in due diligence.
  • Quick Tips:
    • Use standard docs
    • Try not to make any edits or exceptions.
    • Use lawyers familiar with startups

Document Templates

  • Popular law firm startup forms
    • Orrick Startup Forms
      • Full list here (US)
      • Employment agreement (CIIAA) here
      • Founder stock purchase agreement here
    • Cooley Go
      • Full list here (US, UK, Singapore)
      • Non-disclosure agreement (mutual) here
    • Clerky has lots of standard startup docs here
  • YC: Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)
    • Y-Combinator SAFE docs here for fundraising
  • Gusto Docs
    • Employee handbooks by Gusto here
    • Employee Equity guide by Gusto here

Non-exhaustive Startup Lawyers

  • Orrick, Cooley, Goodwin, Pillsbury, DLA Piper
  • Some will defer fees
    • Usually up to $1M funding but ask for a .25-1% warrant to do so